Walking has become an ever popular hobby and activity and at The Cottage in the Wood, here is our Top Five Walks in the Malvern Hills list. We have all taken the opportunity to get out more into the great British Countryside. Explore the beautiful landscapes that we are so lucky to live amongst. Not only are we situated high in the hills with breathtaking views of the Severn Valley from our hotel rooms, restaurant, and Terrace, but we have easy access routes to the Malvern Hills too. 

As you walk around the hotel, you’ll notice some easy to spot signs which point you in the right direction to the hills!


Walking and cycling are popular daytime activities from The Cottage in the Wood and we have created our very own Cottage in The Wood Circular walk to the top map for our wonderful guests to take advantage of, which details where the hotel is located and some key points for your walk, including bench stops!  They’re ideal for enjoying a picnic and taking in the view.  To see the map before you arrive, and plan your Malvern Hills walking route, you can click here to view, print, or save to your phone.  In the meantime, take a look at our top 5 recommended walks below!

Top Walk 1: Jubilee Hill

Jubilee Hill is number 1 on our top five walks in the Malvern Hills list. On 1st June 2002, Jubilee Hill was the last peak of the Malvern Hills range to be named.  It was done to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee.  As you reach the hill you will spot a road wiggling alongside, built by local engineer Stephen Ballard to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.  We would recommend approaching Jubilee Hill from the left of the hotel, passing the Spring and two welcome bench spots approximately half of the way through the climb.

Top Walk 2: Worcestershire Beacon
Worcestershire Beacon

From The Cottage in the Wood you can reach the Worcestershire Beacon, declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  On the summit you will find a toposcope which has been there since 1987 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

No small feat, the summit of Worcestershire Beacon sits at 425 metres, but the steep climb is rewarded with views of as many as 14 counties, on a clear day.

To reach the Worcestershire Beacon, we would recommend following the sign To The Hills from the Coach House car park and following the trail.  It’s a long climb, but just before the top you will reach a bench for a short rest before taking in the rest, and arguably the most beautiful, part of your walk.

Top Walk 3: Perseverance Hill

Once you have made it to Worcestershire Beacon, explored the toposcope, and taken in the views, if you’re keen to continue to explore, we would recommend continuing on to Perseverance Hill.  On the ridge of the Malvern Hills and on the border of Herefordshire to the west and Worcestershire to the east, Perseverance Hill is a crossing place on the forbiddingly steep ridge of Malvern.

Top Walk 4: Short walk to Herefordshire Beacon from British Camp

At the 338m summit of British camp, you will be astounded by the all encompassing views of the surrounding area. Take in the sights far and wide before descending south from the summit, crossing Millenium Hill onto Broad Down. To your right you will see the British Camp Reservoir, but you should stay on the main ridge and continue in the same direction to reach Hangman’s Hill. Hangman’s Hill is the ideal place to take a rest, sit back with some refreshments, and take in the stunning views of the Malvern Hills, before heading back in the same direction.

Top Walk 5: Malvern Hills End to End Walk
Discover The Malverns

Walking Britain recommends a short but challenging end to end walk of all of the famous summits of the Malvern Hills.  Visit North Hill, Sugarloaf Hill, Worcestershire Beacon, Summer Hill, Perseverance Hill, Jubilee Hill, Pinnacle Hill, Black Hill, Herefordshire Beacon, Broad Down, Hangman’s Hill, Swinyard Hill, Midsummer Hill, Raggedstone Hill and Chase End Hill in one classic and very rewarding ramble.

If you can’t wait to start planning your walking holiday, or walking routes to enjoy when you stay with us, we have included some additional resources below too that we would really recommend.  They’re great for planning your route, but if we are totally honest, you could wander in the hills all day with no real direction and have a wonderful time whilst enjoying spectacular views and the gorgeous nature.

Malvern Hills

Visit the Malverns have a walking route finder, downloadable walks, and a walking app too which has all the information you could ever need for creating your perfect walking holiday in the Malvern Hills.  You can find out more about all of these benefits and download the app here.

Walking Britain also offers a variety of routes from the Malvern Hills, rated by difficulty grade and miles.  Perfect to help you decide which route to explore depending on how you are feeling for the day!  If you fancy an easy-ish stroll, or a more strenuous hike to some of the topmost points of the hills.  All of their routes are free to download and print, and include GPS files too.

And of course, if you ask a member of the team at any point during your stay, they will be able to point you in the right direction and even give you some of their personal favourite routes!  Which of our top five Malvern walks are you going to tackle first?

See you on the hills.