The Best Hotels in Malvern to visit from London

What are three words when you think of London? Busy, exciting, loud? Sound familiar? These are great when you want to be in the thick of things in a diverse and vibrant life. But what about when you want a break from that – a chance to take a step back, to rest, to cleanse. Well, there is no better place to head to than one of the hotels in Malvern that will not disappoint – top of the Malvern hotels list is without doubt Cottage in the Wood. What are the three words when we think of that hotel in Malvern? Enchanting, reinvigorating, relaxing. Go pack your bags!

As far as dog friendly hotels in Malvern go, look no further. Despite being called Cottage in the Wood, it is actually a hotel on a hill – meaning you can savour the sweeping and dramatic views from up high.

Up there you will feel a million miles away from the big smoke, despite actually being less than 150 miles! Dine in the best hotel restaurant in Malvern where you can combine menus to die for, all served with a view. A spot of breakfast, afternoon tea with a difference, or a brand new local produce-based tasting menu – all the culinary experiences on offer mean you’ll never visit another hotel restaurant in Worcester again! The food and wine curated and served by our friendly team will prove to you why this hotel in Malvern hills is the place to escape to.

And if you’re escaping the city lights, you’ll want to catch up on that all-important sleep whilst you’re here – and there is no more relaxing and invigorating to slumber than Cottage in the Woods. Whether cosy and cute or bright and light, all the rooms are served with THAT view in a stunning location. You will wake up and return to London feeling like a different person!
If you’re keen to explore as well as all that eating, drinking and sleeping, we can see to that too! Take a few steps and you’re straight into the Malvern Hills – surrounded by towns, villages, vineyards and orchards, Slightly different to Trafalgar Square!

When it comes to hotels in Malvern, look no further for your break from London…. you deserve it! Book a stay today.