Make your own Sourdough Starter

What is a Sourdough Starter or ‘The Mother’ we hear you ask?

Making sourdough is an old fashioned and healthier way of making bread.  It does require a little patience, but the finished product is well worth the wait, and the process of making your own homemade loaf is incredibly rewarding.  Our chef at Cottage in the Wood has put together a series of videos for you to follow and included some delicious ways to enjoy your bread below. 

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Ingredients for The Starter

25g water

20g strong white bread flour

1 tbsp natural yoghurt

Ingredients for Sourdough Loaf

525g strong white bread flour

12g salt

250g Mother/Starter

300g water

50g water to dilute the salt

Step 1 : Making a Sourdough Starter, or The Mother
Step 2 : Make your own Sourdough Loaf
Step 3 : Adding Salt
Step 4 : Folding Your Sourdough
Step 5 : Second Fold Of Your Sourdough
Step 6 : Third And Final Fold
Step 7 : Shaping Your Sourdough
Step 8 : Cooking Your Loaf
Step 9 : Time to get your loaf from the oven and enjoy!

Ways to enjoy your Sourdough

Cottage in the Wood Sourdough

There are so many ways to enjoy a Sourdough Loaf, from breakfast dishes, to lunch and dinner.  We’ve shared some of our favourites with you below.


With it being asparagus season now, we would highly recommend fresh asparagus with a poached egg on a toasted slice of your homemade bread.


Enjoy for lunch with Salami and cured meats, with a red onion chutney, and pickles.


Our Head Chef, Mark, has been making delicious Sourdough base pizzas at home for his family.  He cooks his in an open wood fired oven, but they are just as tasty in the oven.  Why not bring the family together to choose your toppings and create mini pizzas?  Mark added a tomato base, pepperoni, mozzarella, and basil to his.

Sharing with neighbours

Why not create a loaf for your neighbour?  When you have a mother, you can create multiple loaves and share with the people nearest to you.

If you’ve got some other recipes for making Sourdough we’d love to see them!  Show us yours on Facebook or Instagram.