Our Head Chef’s Take on a Classic Dish at the 1919 Restaurant in Malvern

It turns out that vegans and vegetarians alike don’t have to miss out at the 1919 Restaurant in Malvern. Thanks to our head chef, who has taken a new approach to a well known and very classic dish. The celeriac and mushroom Wellington is his take on a classic Beef Wellington and it happens to be a hit. In fact, this is a dish that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. To prepare you before sampling this dish, here are a few words on how it’s created each day from scratch at one of the top Restaurants in Malvern.

To start things off, chef makes a celeriac terrine. This consists of fresh thyme and seasoning in-between each layer. It’s made like a dauphinoise but with stock instead of cream. Next, he goes onto the mushroom & truffle duxelles. Which is done by slicing and sautéing chestnut mushrooms along with garlic and shallots. This is cooked until very dry and then blitzed into a paste finished off with fresh tarragon and grated black truffle. Forming a vegan herb pancake, he then lightly cooks and seasons spinach. The next day the pancake is laid on a work surface. He covers it in a layer of wilted spinach which is followed by a layer of the mushroom duxelles. Then the terrine sits in the middle and finally, the base is rolled up very tightly in cling film to form a large cylinder. This is chilled overnight and then rolled in vegan puff pastry. To finish it off, it’s then glazed with soya milk.

So, there you have it. Our Chef’s latest and greatest creation. The celeriac and mushroom wellington is currently on our menu so if you wish to try it you can do so by clicking here to book a table at the 1919 Restaurant in Malvern.