Since we re-opened our doors on 10th July, after a period of hibernation, we’ve been feeling brand new.  You might have seen our seven reasons for that if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

If you missed it, we didn’t want you to miss out.  We’ve shared below the seven reasons why we are feeling brand new.  It’s made us all walk around the hotel with even more of a spring in our step than usual!  We’re bright and ready, and we’ve loved welcoming our guests back to The Cottage in the Wood over these past weeks, sharing our experiences over the past months, and talking about all of the wonderful things which we have to look forward to.

Brand new refurbished rooms in the coach house.
Reason 1: Brand new refurbished rooms in the coach house.
Shortly before we went into hibernation for a little while, we completed our final stage of refurbishment on the coach house. Now all of the bedrooms in the hotel are fully refurbished and have some very cool interiors. Learn more about our rooms here.

Reason 2: Brand new Terrace.

Our lovely, brand new terrace was completed this year and has added additional covered outside space to enjoy your drink of choice whilst overlooking our unbeatable view of the Severn Valley.  What will yours be? Cocktails or coffee? We’d recommend starting the day with a coffee and ending it with a cocktail whilst watching the day turn to night.  Find out more about our Terrace and see the cocktail menu here.

Brand new Terrace
Brand new lunch/all day menu

Reason 3: Brand new lunch/all day menu.

If you can’t wait to relax on the Terrace with a delicious salad, The Cottage Burger, or a tasty hot dog, we are now taking bookings for lunch and dinner, as well as Afternoon Tea.  Book your table here, and we will see you on the Terrace!

Reason 4: Brand new reasons to smile.

Seeing colleagues face to face again, being reunited with past guests and welcoming new guests to The Cottage in the Wood has never felt so good. We never imagined that we could miss clearing tables and polishing glasses so much, but it’s been so fantastic to have everyone back together.
Brand new reasons to smile
Brand new nature and wildlife

Reason 5: Brand new nature and wildlife.

During our period of hibernation, we made some new friends at the hotel, and were wow’ed by the way in which the silence here made the sound of the wildlife even more pronounced than it normally is. With the world taking some time out, we have also welcomed lots of new nature and wildlife to the Hotel, and it is somehow more beautiful than ever.
Reason 6: Brand new bathrooms.
Our bathrooms are just as important as our bedrooms. When we re-designed the rooms, we wanted them to be as much a part of your relaxing experience as everything else here in The Cottage in the Wood. That’s why we made out brand new bathrooms as special as possible. Don’t you fancy relaxing into a roll top bathtub after a long walk on the Malvern Hills?

Reason 7: Brand new photos and videos.

With the hotel looking so beautiful after its long rest, we couldn’t resist asking our fantastic photographer to pay us a visit with his trusty equipment! We’ve got some beautiful new photos and videos to show you the changes which we have been making, and the changes which mother nature has kindly gifted us. Watch out for them appearing on your social media feeds and on our website soon!

If you can’t wait to come and make some brand new memories with us here in the Malvern Hills, what are you waiting for? Book a staycation, a getaway, or a week long holiday in the beautiful English countryside here.

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