Make A Vegan Meringue

Vegan Meringue Recipe and Method

Meringue is one of our favourite sweet treats, and elevates the simplest of dessert recipes. Think stiff shining peaks, and a soft and chewy centre served with delicious seasonal berries.

Our vegan meringue recipes offers a healthier alternative to your delicious desserts, using chickpea water as a great alternative to egg.  With just 3 ingredients, and 3 simple steps you could be tucking into meringue kisses or Eton Mess in next to no time!


200g of caster sugar

100ml water

100g of chickpea water  (aquafaba)


Using chickpea water is a great alternative to egg white

Step 1: Place the sugar in a saucepan, add water and bring to a rapid boil. Place the chickpea water in a stand mixer fitted with a whisk and start mixing to form soft peaks

Step 2: When the sugar syrup reaches 118°C, gently pour it down the side of the mixing bowl. Allow to whisk at high speed for at least 15 minutes, or until the meringue is stiff and the mixture has cooled to room temperature to check the temperature feel the outside of the bowl  it should not feel hot at all.

Step 3: Transfer into a piping bag, it is a very versatile recipe, here are a few ways it can be used:

  • blowtorched and served immediately
  • piped onto greaseproof paper and baked for 1 hour at 100oc to make a pavlova or broken up and used in an Eton mess
  • Piped around a ball of vegan ice cream, frozen for an hour then baked at 200oc for 6 mins to create baked Alaska.
  • Spread onto a sheet and dehydrated overnight to create sheets of crispy meringue
  • Create a lemon meringue pie or one of your favourite meringue style dishes!